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Welcome readers, breeders, and those just curious about what special livestock may be in their next adventure! As always there are a conglomerate of articles and advertisers with a wealth of knowledge ready and willing to share.

We are currently reserving space for our upcoming Winter issue. Our Winter issue is a great opportunity to begin promoting potential boys for Spring breedings, highlighting those entering the upcoming stock shows, generating excitement for those new babies, or simply publicizing your unique farms and/or services.

Don't forget to contact American Livestock Magazine for all your publishing needs. We can help you with your ranch brochures, event catalogs, business cards, post cards, etc. You will be pleased with the attention to detail you will receive from the start to finish of your special project.

We would like to thank all of our readers, contributors, and advertisers that had a hand in helping American Livestock Magazine to be one of the largest diversified publications on the market. As our diversity continues to grow, your audience does as well! We are dedicated to reaching as many new potential owners and breeders for you as posslibe in all industries.

Don't forget we offer free listings of your events on our website. Be sure to send in your events and we'll help to publicize them for you!

Currently we are taking reservations on our yearly directory. It is yet another wonderful tool to help find your farm and/or services.

Here's to a wonderful Winter issue!

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