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Welcome to the Winter 2017 issue of American Livestock Magazine! As the colder temperatures descend, this continues to be our "most read" issue.

Those of us in the American Livestock community are all extremely busy this time of year. There are a seemingly never ending list of tasks many must have completed before the first snowflakes (some of which have already fallen) start flying overhead.

We are now reserving space for our upcoming Spring issue which hits a multitude of many different shows and events. Don't forget to tell us if you've got an upcoming show so we can be sure to have the magazine in attendance.

Contact American Livestock Magazine for all your publishing needs. We can help you with your ranch brochures, event catalogs, business cards, post cards, and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of. Our attention to detail is only rivaled by our customer service. By the time the process is completed you'll feel as if we're apart of your family and you're a part of ours and all the crazy it has to offer.

We would like to thank all of our readers, contributors, and advertisers that have had a hand in helping American Livestock Magazine to be what it is today. We continue to diversify because diversity works! Getting into the hands of established ranchers and farmers is the target market you want to be in.

Don't forget about our yearly directory which has the added bonus of social media exposure as well as the other benefits it provides thorugh the entire 2018 calendar year. We are currently winding down reservations, so don't miss out!

American Livestock Magazine would like to wish you and your family a magical holiday season and a happy, new and successful 2018! Call us today for anything...even if it's just to chat.

Your ALM Family

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