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Summer is on the horizon - school out, hotter temperatures, and maybe even a planned vacation.

We are very excited about this summer issue! Take time to thumb through these pages, call our advertisers and ask questions, share stories, and really connect. People love to share their knowledge, and who is more knowledgeable than those sharing the different adventures with their livestock?! If you don't have a presence in this issue, call us today and don't miss the next. We'll put together something special that makes a statement and markets your special niche.

We continue to do what American Livestock Magazine does best...diversify. Diversified is defined as having variety of character or form or components; or having increased variety; "diversified breeding program"; "diversified farming"; diversified marketing strategy." Who better to introduce different breeds to than those already in the farm and ranch business?

Advertising is important to your farm or ranch. If no one knows you're still in business nor how to reach you whether via phone or online, how do you expect to sell animals, offer breedings to that wonderful male, or show off all those amazing new offspring?

Don't forget we are reserving space for the 2018 Diversified Directory. This annual listing has increased with added attention on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, adding that social media aspect for all those involved. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share what we share. Networking is an extra way to market your services and animals.

See how diversity can work for you!

Enjoy summer,
Your American Livestock Family

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