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American Livestock Magazine & Publishing prides itself in customer service. In a world that is fast paced and lacking in so many "old time" values many times customer service tends to be the last priority. Here at ALM our first priority is the customer. We take the hard work out of it and make life simpler on your end. Let us take you from idea to finished product with the least amount of headache. It's our job to make the experience painless and enjoyable.

American Livestock Magazine is a diversified publication, catering to all livestock markets. The advantage of a diversified publication is to reach industries outside your association. American Livestock Magazine is distributed to events, trade shows, stock shows, and private sales all across the United States and now into Europe and Canada to bring you a more comprehensive diversified coverage. It is understandable you need to advertise within your associations' publications, but when advertising with American Livestock Magazine you reach potential clients from all livestock industries, not only your own. We belong to all livestock memberships offering you a wide selection of potential new and repeat clients. ALM is online with each issue reaching potential clients across the world.

In the need of a logo, business cards, banners, brochures, or catalogs? Call today for your next printing project...we are more than just a magazine.

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Design & Services

Ads are built for use in American Livestock Magazine at no additional charge. Should you find that you love your ad so much that you wanted to use it in other publications or wanted a copy for yourself, you can get your ad that we designed put on a CD as it appears in the magazine for a small design fee. Design fee includes burning the ad to one CD and mailing it, regular mail to one location. Overnight delivery is additional, as well as extra copies of the CD.

Logo Design: The Production Staff at American Livestock Magazine can design your logo at a very reasonable price. We start with one or two concepts based on client specifications and requests. We supply you with unlimited proofs until we find the perfect representation of your farm. Do you have a rough draft or partial elements for your logo, but just don't have the finishing touches? We can make modifications to your existing ideas. Price includes two proofs only. Any additional proofs are subject to an additional hourly charge.

Promotional Services & Design: We also provide additional publishing services. We design and publish newsletters, sale catalogs, brochures and calendars. We have also designed banners, Christmas cards, and full color business cards. These additional services are competitively priced based upon the complexity of the job and material costs. Call or email us today to get a quote - see what we can do for you!